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    Electrical installations

SELLIER&BELLOT Vlašim – hall for the production of ammunition

13. 11. 2017 | Cobap news 2017

We have obtained another order, namely the supply and installation of heavy-current wiring for the construction of the ammunition hall at SELLIER & BELLOT premises in Vlašim. We link here to our previous contract, which we completed in October 2017 – an electrical installation for the ammunition storehouse.


AHOLD – Logistics Center Březhrad

Ordering party: BAK stavební společnost, a.s.
Investor: HOYA a.s.

Type of order: Industrial construction
Term of implementation: February – April 2017
Amount: 25 500 000 CZK
Place: Břehrad – Hradec Králové

COBAP has successfully completed the construction of the Ahold logistics complex in Březhrad. The implementation deadline was scheduled for a relatively short period of time, which was shortened by frosts that prolonged flooring in the hall. Our delivery was complete wiring of heavy current, weak current, MaR, replenishment of transformer into existing transformer station, diesel aggregate and complete realization of field lighting.

The largest volume of the contract was luminaires that were used in LED technology. The lobby system used lighting, the emergency lighting is powered by the central battery system, for better maintenance. The supply of low-voltage systems included EPS, EZS and Local Radio.

Thanks to constructive negotiations of all stakeholders, the construction has been completed with the required deadline and quality.

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